Book Review : Beloved Of The Gods

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Beloved of the gods is one of the famous books written by E.S. Modak. He is one of the very last surviving officers of the (imperial) Indian Police. He had been appointed at various posts of Indian Police in various states. He is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He is the author of several crime novels and articles.

Beloved of the gods is an historic fiction novel based on the life of one of the greatest emperors of the country- Ashoka. He is one of the greatest known personality of the Mauryan dynasty, founded by none other than his grand father king Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta was the first king who conquered whole Jambudveepa (India). Later thone passed on to his son Bindusara. Ashoka is Bindusara’s son.

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The epic tale begins as prince Ashoka, viceroy of Takshashila (one of the largest provinces of the empire) fights his evil half brother Sushim to claim the throne and rest is the history. India had not seen such a great monarch like Ashoka. No doubt he was brave but he was kind hearted. Later he conquered Kalinga, the only independent state of the reign. Distressed of the bloodshed at Kalinga he decided to spread peace through buddhism and marries the widow queen of the former king, Padmavati.This book endures a savouring love story of King and Padmavati. But the days of romance soon faded when Padmavati died. Ashoka was in complete gloom and became a devoted buddhist.

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He adopted Buddhism as a national religion of the empire. He made many reforms for the welfare of people. Indian communities had not seen day of prosperity like those. He was indeed a great king, one who ruled over millions of heart.

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Well Ashoka couldn’t accomplished all these things without an another important character of the story- commander Tushashpa who was a great warrior and Ashoka’s old friend. He was known for his military skills and wits. Ashoka is nothing without him. He could not won over Sushim and Kalinga without Tushashpa’s tactics and bravery. Being surrounded by conspirators,if Ashoka was safe that was only because of raja Tushashpa.

Beloved of the gods is very well structured and written as according to the title of the book. Intrigue, romance, action, religion, philosophy, friendship, conspiracies – is all this book offers. It shows the glimpses of the culture, beliefs, customs, art and way of living of that ancient civilization. Rolling down into the pages of history gives a vivid sense of peace.It’s completely a delightful and captivating story. This should be an essential reading for all those looking for historical fiction and anyone who loves amazing classic books.

I give this book 4 stars. ‚òÜ‚òÜ‚òÜ‚òÜ

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