Book Review : How To Fall In Love

Christine Rose is a Samaritan who wears empathy like second skin. An incurable do-gooder, she has a vast array of How-to books stacked on her shelf, that act as her anchor through life. On one winter evening, when she’s visiting the Halfpenny Bridge in order to discover her ‘happy place’, she saves Adam from attempting suicide. Desperate to not let him succumb to his depression, she strikes a deal, promising to help him fall in love with his life before his 35th birthday. From thereon, Cecilia’s story engulfs you like a warm blanket on a wintry morning, one from which you’ll be more than reluctant to step out.

With a multitude of factors compelling Adam to kill himself, Christine now has only two weeks to take on his topsy-turvy life and set it straight, all the while making sure she doesn’t end up falling in love with him. But will she be able keep herself away from the most spontaneous and gorgeous man she’s ever met?

On the face of it, how to fall in love seems like any other perfectly cooked love story, with an easy blend of drama, tragedy, humour and love. But it is deep in its intricacies, wherein lies the delicacy and the soul of the book. It has emotional complexity, the dark theme of depression and two lives falling apart, but still leaves the impression of a fairy tale. From witty banters to deep conversations trying to combat mental instability,From delinquent and cheating exes to hilarious family encounters, this novel has just as much soft comfort as there are hard planes of the stark reality of life.

Give yourself at least a full day for this one, because once you step into the charming world of a Cecilia Ahern novel, it is hard to step out!


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