Sunday, June 7, 2020

Book Review : The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

“Treasure is there where the Heart is” says the 3rd highest selling book over the globe ‘ the alchemist’ written by one of most prestigious writer of the West ‘Paulo Coelho’.This book has sold over millions of copies for its highly inspirational,awakening and a life changing content.

The book is about a shepherd boy Santiago living a very poor life without any shelter, who once dreams of a treasure buried in middle of the desert, near the pyramids in Egypt.Later a wizard compels him to go for his search of his treasure.But he doesn’t takes the advice seriously. He start working in a bakery shop where he collects a pretty amount of money.He regularly meets a old man who repeatedly tells him about the omens of the god.

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MAKTUB is a word used for several times which means *everything is written* in Arabic. Later on With a help of the mysterious old man and the bakery owner he realised that his destiny is his treasure so he starts his journey through a massive desert to the pyramids of Egypt. During the journey he fells in love with a tribal girl but has to left her in order to continue his journey but he promises her to return.¬† He also meets a real alchemist who tells him the art of alchemy. During this vast journey he feels the love with the desert and it’s magic. Later on after a big deal of learning and magical experiences he finally found his treasure.

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Alchemist means a person who has the magical powers and techniques to change anything into gold. Basically the main idea which the author want to deliver is- to listen to your heart and just start on your journey towards the destiny. Author focuses on the voice of your heart and your duty to follow it. ” when you decides to do something with your heart, whole universe conspires to accomplish it” is one of the best Quote of the book. These kind of people has the true power to change anything into the gold. This is a book which awakens you and makes you feel your need to search for your destiny and go on the journey.

The book Is proved to be a life changing one for a big mass of people. An action, suspense and thrill packed story make it most interesting to read. also the quotes spread all over the book are highly awakening. This book is highly recommended for everyone out there who feels a need to change his/her life and seek motivation.

^^With love, faith and hope
And some madness in your head
Go on, on your journey
Your destiny is ahead^^

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