Book Review : Tuesday's With Morrie-An Old Man,A Young Man And Life's Greatest Lesson

“ What is it about silence that makes people uneasy ? Huh?

Why do people only feel comfortable when they’re filling the air with words?”

Originally written as a memoir by an American writer Mitch Albom, the story of Morrie Schwartz was recreated yet many times only to leave us awe-struck and longing for more.

Who is your role model? Who shaped your life? Who came as a ray of light into your life? Who lent you hand when you needed to stand up? These are some of the questions we all have encountered at least once in our life time. The answer to which is either a parent or a family member or in some ‘extreme’ cases, a celebrity. How come for Mitch, his teacher became that person, that guide, that he always needed in his life?

The story revolves around Morrie Schwartz, a 78-year-old sociology professor, who spent his last days suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS). The story emphasized the bond shared between Morrie and Mitch and how his influence helped Mitch in the years later to come. After completing his education, Mitch lost all contact with his college and suffice to say his professors as well. On one fateful evening, while randomly scrolling the news channels, he came across a familiar face. A face with which a lot of memories and teaching was attached. And Mitch knew that he had to meet him again. Morrie was able to touch Albom’s soul in a way no one ever did. And that’s why he knew. He knew that he had to have his last lesson. He had to attend his last class.

Tuesdays with morrie written by Mitch Albom(1997).A TV movie was also made with the same name and was release on December 5,1999. It was directed by Mick Jackson and starred Jack Lemmon as Morrie and Hank Azaria as Mitch.


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