Bored Of Exercising? Here Is How It Can Be Interesting

Bored Of Exercising? Here Is How It Can Be Interesting

What was your new year’s resolution? Was it to hit the gym, the park or roads for brisk exercise and healthy body? If yes, then maybe we have something for you! That will not only make you jump out of bed with excitement to jog but also make it musical! Wondering how? Read further to know it.

When it comes to exercising, we millennials come across two paths, one is exercising because it is the trend, our resolution and we need hope that yes we are doing something for our body so that later we can slip in Mcflurry from McD. The other is that we exercise because we want a healthy body and we ultimately earn it. While choosing the path is your choice, as is to be as you are! But if you are keen on exercising, then recent research has shown that pacy music helps in making exercise brisk and more effective. Sounds interesting?

Why brisk exercising is better?

A report by BBC, says that brisk walking has proved to be more effective and has shown great improvement in the health of the walkers. The report says, “Unlike a gentle stroll, a brisk walk is more likely to increase blood flow to your brain and also to lead to the release of a hormone called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF helps stimulate the production of new brain cells, ¬†”

But brisk walking can be difficult especially for people who are not that physically active.

Then, how can brisk walking be made easier?

Trust Me I’m a Doctor says, put on your earphones and play some pacy songs of Shakira and there you go!

A research conducted by Trust Me I’m A Doctor¬†with Marie Murphy, professor of exercise and health at Ulster University revealed that pacy music helps in increasing the pace of walking.

BBC report says, “brisk walking” is walking at around 100 paces a minute. And this in turn can be helped by listening to music that has a beat of at least that.

Professor Murphy reportedly said, “The good news is that those who walk briskly to the music see slightly bigger improvements than those who take 10,000 steps.” He further said, the average decrease in body fat of people who are slow walkers decreases by 1.8 per cent while for those who practice brisk walking decreases by 2.4 per cent.

So if you want to exercise daily and have a healthy mind and body, it is not so boring any more. Just grab your Ipods, headphones, play your favourite pacy music and hit the road with a brisk walk. After all, things are better if done in your way.


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