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Breakup Days : 8 Movies To Help You Get Over Your Ex!

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If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.

Breakups are never easy but as they say, time heals everything. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together 🙂
I have prepared a list of some movies which would help you realize that being dumped isn’t so bad after all!

1) Pyaar Ka Punchnama 1 and 2

Although a sexist film, this is one classic movie to remind you why “Maa Ka Pyaar” is the only true love in this world!
Watch this one for Rajat’s epic monologues on the hilarious eccentricities of a relationship.

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2) Legally Blonde

Hot girl goes to Harvard Law School for her boyfriend and ends up realizing the value of her brains (and finds the TRUE love of her life who supports her in everything). This movie is a must watch for all the girls to realize their true potential,and that even though at one point it seems like you have lost it all,all you need is a little confidence and everything would be great again!

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3)¬†My Best Friend’s Wedding

Imagine falling in love with your best friend and then one day he calls you and tells you he is getting married!
The gorgeous Julia Roberts makes us laugh and cry with her plans to sabotage the wedding,until she realizes she cannot make her best friend love her.
We realize that loving a person who doesn’t love you back is hard, but thank god for friends who are always there for you!

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4) Luv Ka The End

Crying over a guy who cheated on you? That is passé. Time to take your revenge along with Shraddha Kapoor! If you have had enough of women in item numbers, Watch the movie for The Mutton Song.

5) Sex and the City

This movie has been giving us #FriendshipGoals since ages! Relax in your bed and take out some drinks, you will have a good time watching this.
Love is great,but nothing beats the fun you have with your own squad!

6) Jab We Met

The iconic phone conversation and the night at the hotel are some of my favorite moments in the movie. If you want to know how to get over a breakup, this is your movie! Watch Jab We Met and you’ll realize that the guy you think is meant for you isn’t really meant for you.

7) 500 Days of Summer

The story is based on memories of a failed relationship. Know when it is time to let go, and that’s how you emerge as a stronger person.

8) Queen

Fiance breaks up with you a day before the wedding? Just go to your honeymoon alone! A man who wants to change you and can’t accept you as you are isn’t worth your time anyway. Go ahead and see Kangana Ranaut transforming into an incredible independent woman and how!

Tell us which movie is your favorite one among these,or which movie should be a part of this post in the comments section!

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