With new upcoming cafes and restaurants in South Campus at DU,Satya Niketan has become a prominent and popular spot for the students to hang out and enjoy!

“CANTEEN Till I Die…” , a recently opened restaurant is spotted right at the beginning of this happening place. The name itself is enough to bring out the concept and model of how a real college canteen should be.


The USP of this restaurant is its affordable prices and also keeping up with the standards of a good college canteen. Most of the food items are priced between INR 20 to INR 200 and some exceeds the INR 200 mark but the best part is that anyone can relish their taste buds even when they are ‘broke’.

Coming up with a concise and regular menu,it keeps up with the taste of the students be it sandwiches or burgers,though it could be better than that. When tasted a few items,I found Butter Chicken Sandwich a good bite along with Mango Chocolate Shake. Drinks and Beverages are the most delicious part of the meal here where you will be left with wishing for more and more specially when shakes come in the size of SHOTS!


With a fun environment and pleasing decor,comes the baggage of maintaining the ambience and this place has somehow achieved some of it immensely.

Overall,the place is good for regular students who are always in the want of grabbing a bite or a drink !

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