CBSE and ISC Toppers Went Ahead With Political Science At Lady Shri Ram College For Women
Image Source- The Indian Express

First day of admissions to undergraduate courses at Delhi University saw AIR 2 of both CBSE and ISC class XII seeking admission at Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) for Women.

Anoushka Chandra, who scored 99.6% in CBSE board examination, applied for Political Science (hons) course.

She said her first choice was studying Political Science at LSR. “My ultimate aim is to prepare for Civil services, so Political Science is the only logical choice.” she said.

In her Class XII boards, Chandra had studied English, political science, economics, psychology and history, and scored 100 in all except English.

Where as Tamanna Dahiya, who scored 99.25% in the ISC exam, applied for English and History at St Stephen’s, but her first preference still remains Political Science, which St Stephen’s doesn’t offer.

In class XII, she studied history, political science, English, economics, and mathematics.

LSR PRO and associate professor of psychology Kanika K Ahuja was seen saying, “It’s very heartening to see that LSR is the preferred college for toppers. It also puts pressure on us to continue to live up to these standards.”


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