CBSE has come with a new tactic this time which is a subject of very disappointment for the students who are not happy with their marks and want to go for re-evaluation. The concept “Re-evaluation” is changed to “verification” with major changes which are to be noted carefully


This year the Students’ request for Re-evaluation of their answer sheet will not be accepted by CBSE. The students who were of the opinion that they had scored less than what they had written on examination paper could apply for it. They could appeal for a recheck. Under this a panel of teachers were appointed to probe into each and every question and then reassign the scores based on it. This facility was a huge relief to students who were doubtful about their scores.


As per new verification regime, there will be verification of two things only. First, the concerned answer sheet bears Board Roll No. and Name of that Student. Second, the marks on the mark-sheet are identical to that given in Students’ answer sheet. So there can be evaluation only externally and not internally. However students can take a photocopy of their answer-sheet from CBSE along with their verification receipt.
The students can apply on CBSE website by filling a form and paying a fee online.

For the dip in marks students are experiencing this year in their mark-sheet the decision taken by CBSE this year is going to have huge negative impact overall.


  1. Sir today I trying to online application for mark verification of cbse class 10, but I am not successful, pls help me how to apply.

  2. CBSE did very strict checking this year…..DU should reduce its cut off in concern of those students who did not score the marks they were expecting and are still under shock….its a request on behalf of all those students like me who was expecting in 90s but unfortunately could not get that….

  3. I am not getting option in the website for verification of marks of 12 2017…so can you please help me out,…or just send me a link so that I can apply for verification of marks

  4. This year has been a great trouble. In July, maths pattern was changed then the moderation problem and now reverification is removed. Board should think about us after all. Plz do favour.

  5. I request you to recheck my paper…
    I am not satisfied with my mark..
    Acoording to me i will get i did better in my exams…
    Especially in biology.,chemistry,and physical education


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