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Change In Television Industry : Journey From Stereotypes To Little Logic

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Hello hi bye bye …And I guess you all must be acquainted with this dialogue as we all had withstood with our very own Manorama of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon but yeah! Reluctantly. Honestly, my childhood has been ruined as i was swayed by our lady villains with flunky makeup with an outrageous background track. So eventually our remote fight then was worth to be done. I am so done with this saas bahu drama. Years back from now, i still didn’t fathom all the fact that why these serials are so obsessed with this mellow drama?

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Chronologically, if we contemplate the whole journey then yes! we have some serials which’ve had quintessential matter to represent. Likewise, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai along with Hum panch and Dekh bhai dekh. These serials has gained merely appraisal from all aspects. With its intriguing representation, it had created euphoria in its time.

Okay! Let’s come forward one step. I must say this was the most resembling step our television industry has ever taken. The Saas-Bahu concept. Why Ekta why? Why you did so? We were so in poignant post the entrance of this k-series, Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, koshish- Ek Asha, kasauti zindagi ki, kahaani ghar ghar ki and a never ending list. Even the most hating character was renamed as Kamolika. She was so traumatizing even though i was petrified but still i need to watch it because of my daily soap loving mom. This whole concept not only includes these lady villains but it has a lot more in it.

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1: Reactions from all angles

Kya kya kya ? Omg! Wasn’t one kya is enough to get the answer. But no, its not enough for them if they miss atleast one angle to snap the shot.

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2: Child- Parent same same

How the situation would be if i was the replica of my mother? Sounds dizzy! But its all fair for them to represent. Literally!

3: Dead person gets back

Well! This is the bottom of fakism. A dead person gets back with all ease. See, its all depends on trp if it gets affected with his presence then he could come back even though Yamraj doesn’t let him but he would return back as Everything is possible in Indian daily soaps.

I guess we should take one more step ahead. As that was enough explicable that how far that drama reaches. Apparently, we have a mixture of serials which includes both mellow drama types and worth watching types but still that Saas-bahu concept conquered. Now, this is the time of Gopi and Naagin. Oh! Gopi. Wait! Let me laugh. Do you guess remember her identity? Okay! Let me tell you. She was the one who washed a laptop with detergent.
Sorry, couldn’t control.??¬†Have a look!

And that Naagin. I am still in dilemma. How this serial has got the highest trp? Even it made Salman tormented. Please! Not because of that Naag. But with the trp. As it had much higher ratings than his Bigg boss had. These Daily soaps exponentially effects our reality shows. Moving on the same path, we came across 24, starring Anil kapoor was worth to watch. And there were too many like this. For instance: Nisha aur uske cousins, Gumrah, Its complicated, Confessions of an Indian teenager, and a lot more.

Eventually, if we make a conclusion then yes! I must endorse this fact that our television industry has actually variated itself from being stereotyped to a lil bit logical one. From Praful..tu toh Gadha hain gadha to Daya..kuch toh gadbad hain, The journey has brought an amazing showdown with lots of hotch potch.

So am gonna end this by letting you all know the meaning of Mature from Praful’s perspective.

Hansa : Mature matlab ??
Praful: Aree, Mature.?
Praful: Jab apna mahesh…chori karte hue pakda gaya tha.. tab usne kya kaha tha ?????
Hansa: Usne kaha tha.. mujhe chodd do.. “MAIN CHOR NAHI HOON”
main chor…main chor….mature…Acha Acha Mature.

Hope you all have got it.??

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