Changing Norms of Holi : An Adieu to Yester Holi Essence

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Red, yellow , green, voilet on the plate. All are ready to make your holi a little more great.Holi is round the corner. With perfection of appetiting sweets and joy of colours , the aura of festivity is high but amidst such delight there are changing trends that raises a serious concern over the mood of holi.

1. Unjustified “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”

Changing Norms of Holi : An Adieu to Yester Holi Essence

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A gush over phrase ” Bura na Mano holi hai” is usually a source of disguised hooliganism. It is just a complexity of word put together and often mishandled. A forcing medium for malicious practice. You can not escape , you can not procrastinate.If that’s not enough to throw you off your peaceful zone then be at ease to tolerate the street vandalism of water ballon and sometime semen filled, mud, gobar filled balloons.To your surprise even animals are victims of forceful poured colours.But then “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai !!!”. Let us not forget that years back this festival had the essence of conveying prayers to Holika and a platform for families to be together and enjoy gujiyas.

2. Stifling meaning of family assemblage

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Changing Norms of Holi : An Adieu to Yester Holi Essence

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The time has rolled on, so has the culture around us. With evolution of MNC trends and there strict follow up of foreign countries calendar many employees  face crisis of holidays on Indian festival.And sometimes even extra ton of work with non approved leave. This filters them to celebrate festival accompanying office colleagues and fingers to finish their pile of workload. Away from home and family to the strange mighty world.

3. Surviving efforts of Home made sweets

Changing Norms of Holi : An Adieu to Yester Holi Essence


Time, time, time! Boundation on availability of time and hovering of miscellaneous task has left the people helpless. They resort to market-made dessert to enjoy the flavors of Indian afters instead of collective family procedure of dessert making.

Although newspapers are flooded with uncountable cases of food adulteration.

4. Social Media hype

Changing Norms of Holi : An Adieu to Yester Holi Essence

Gone are the days when celebration news were restricted to few closest bunch of people. But now even the stranger friend in some corner of world knows the tiniest of detail about you. The world is coming closer and closer.In such nearness of globe ,the auspiciousness of occasions is tainted with ferocious competition to upload as many pictures on social media and propagate unnecessary hype. Outpouring WhatsApp chats with pictorial gujiyas, colours and Holika.

A decade back festivals held different essence and virtue but with rolling time patterns changed and so did the meaning of festival. To all the avid lovers of festivals, stop altering the mood of festivity and quit pestering street animals.

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