Changing Times : Embracing Pregnancy Like A Badass

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The world has gone crazy over Gal Gadot and all for good. She played the protagonist in the Wonder Woman as if she owned the character which has brought the movie this much of success. Not only her acting proved she is an actual wonder woman, a recent fact came out that she played a lot of scenes including the action one, while she was PREGNANT. Now if that doesn’t say that woman are no less than men what says. The filmmakers had to cut a piece in the Armour suit of hers and attach a green piece on the baby bump so it could be removed during editing and added vfx to hide the pregnancy. Chris Hemsworth even said that “wonder woman can totally kick ass of Thor anytime she wants.”

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But she is not the first woman to accomplish such a task. Earlier this year Serena Williams made the world go gaga when she won the Australian open final while she was eight weeks pregnant. Proving to the world that pregnancy is a beautiful magical natural process that does not make a woman weaker but further stronger. But there are many such woman who have proved that nothing can stop them from success. Alysia Montano another great athlete made the world go in frenzy when she ran 800-meter race while being eight months pregnant at the US track and field championships in 2014.

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How can we forget our very own darling Kareena Kapoor who broke all the stereotypes while she was pregnant? Not only did she stick to completing all her commitments, she even walked the Lakme fashion week ramp like she owned the stage.She continued doing advertisements for a long while. Her fashion photoshoots completely showcasing the baby bump proudly were so popular that designers took out a whole range of fashionable clothes for pregnant ladies. She inspired a whole line of clothes for pregnancy. She also shot some scene of her next film Veere De Wedding while showing her baby bump. The film is a journey of her emotional journey to embrace motherhood. She was four months pregnant when she shot the scenes in November last year giving it a natural feeling.

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Before Kareena Kapoor broke the stereotypes of working while pregnant and embracing her motherhood. It was already done by the super strong actress of Bollywood Jaya Bachchan in the cult movie Sholay. She was pregnant with her first child during that time and in quite a lot of scenes her baby bump is evidently visible. But no one even notices it .Did you? I never did cause.

Well if you didn’t knew about all that bet this would surprise you guy’s hell a lot. Hollywood actresses Scarlett Johansson, Halle berry and Penelope Cruz all did their respective movies Avengers: age of Ultron, X-Men: days of future past and Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides with complete action sequences. All the actresses worked when they were long pregnant with wearing all armours, suits and corsets and doing all the action and sword fighting themselves.

While all these women prove that they are all super woman we can’t forget the million ordinary woman out there, who deal with the pregnancy and work in office, in field and at home as well. Cheers to all the women for being a woman and embracing such a beautiful blessing so gracefully and proving to the world as well that they are not the weaker sex.

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