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New Tick Virus Eruption In China : Intra-Human Contraction

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New TIck virus contagion

Alert : 60 infected and 7 are killed so far by the novel Bunyan virus in China. It is caused by a tick bite.

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The Tick virus, distinguished as ‘Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome’ or SFTS virus infected 37 people in Eastern China’s Jiangsu Province in the initial months of the year. More than 23 people contracted it in East Chinas Anhui Province later on.

There have been 7 deaths already in the Anhui and East China’s Zhejiang province as reported by the official authority on Wednesday.

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The virus eventually travelled to other East Asian nations, including Japan and South Korea. Since it was first discovered, the total number of cases has risen significantly.

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The bite of the tick causes infection
It is questionable as to why the country remained silent about the news until now. Especially when there is a high probability of human to human transmission according to virologists.

The Chinese researchers articulated that it’s not new and that they isolated the pathogen of this virus in 2011 which belonged to the Bunyavirus category.

Sheng Jifang, an expert on the novel bunyavirus and the doctor of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Zhejiang University of China enunciated to the Global Times, said that the virus can be transmitted from infected animals or people to others through blood, respiratory tract and wounds.

He mentioned that a patient who was infected with the novel bunya virus three years ago , died later, infecting 16 people who had contact with the patient’s dead body; the corpse had bleeding because of severe infection. One of the infected people later died.

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“The early symptoms are fatigue and fever; sometimes there will be a rash,” Sheng said.
Clinical symptoms of the virus are thrombocytopenia, leukocytopenia, neurological abnormalities and gastrointestinal disorders.

The recovery is based more upon immunity and age structure .

In mild cases, the patient recovers, but in severe cases often is inclusive of multi-organ dysfunction or even multi-organ failure.

The fatality rate is more upon people aged 50 plus. There is no proper vaccine to mitigate the issue completely.”>Symptoms , Treatment and Prevention of Tick virus

With symptoms and contraction like covid, the Tick virus is a treachourous challenge to the health infrastructure which already is overwhelmed all across the world . May it not be another pandemic where we lose everything that is left now.

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