Friday, June 5, 2020

Class Representative (CR) – Why This Position Matters

Class representative or CR is a person in a batch who serves as a bridge between the professor and the students. The position of CR has its own importance in university or college.

Significance of a CR- 

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CR has its own significance. The CR is the one who acts as a thread between the two knots i.e., the students and the professor. The CR is the one who transfers messages from professor to the students and vice versa. Also, the CR forwards the important notes, files and data with the students which the professors shares. Summing up, the CR is the only mediator between the professors and the students preventing any miscommunication from taking place.

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Why should one become a CR in college years and what benefit can it do to one’s personality ?

Becoming a CR in college can be hectic but it gives one the opportunity to build their personality. Therefore, becoming a CR brings the following benefits to one’s personality :-

  1. It improves the communication skills of an individual.
  2. It improves the decision making and problem solving skills of an individual.
  3. It gives birth to leadership and negotiation skills.
  4. It also helps in motivating an individual and he/she experiences self-worth.
  5. It also provides an experience in working individually.

Therefore, the position of a CR in college is very significant and fun at the same time. But, it also requires a lot of patience and strength to tackle some tough situations because sometimes the CR also has to be on the students side and cancel the classes, haha!

But, there’s no denying that one should definitely experience becoming a CR during his/her college years.

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