DU Admissions 2019 : DU In Talks With CBSE To Get Marksheet Data Of Students

On thursday students protested during the orientation for new batch.As per an appeal sent by students to DU Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi and Chancellor Venkaiah Naidu,the centre which opened last year has been running with just two permanent faculty.

Classes have now been suspended at Delhi School of Journalism.

There are three classrooms for the 120 students admitted this year and a reading room.It has no library or computer centre,said the letter.Over the past few weeks students have been protesting at the offices of the centre director and the V-C.

Director JP Dubey said they are sorting out issues.“There are some difficulties with the infrastructure which we are looking into.In 15- 20 days everything will be solved.It is a very new department,we are still looking into things.Last year,the course was from October to June and there was not enough time to utilize the funds.The money will be used for this year” said Dubey.

As per the document,rooms are being prepared in the basement for the new batch.Funds have also been allocated for a library,camera units,audio devices and computers,it said.


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