Cold Spot : A Gateway To Multiverse

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Scientists have discovered a mysterious ‘Cold Spot’ in space that could prove our universe is just one of an endless string of realities.

The Cold Spot is an area of space 13 billion years old and 1.8 billion light years across, which is 0.00015 degrees Celsius (0.00027 degrees Fahrenheit) colder than its surroundings ‚Äì and this unfathomable mass ‚Äòmight be taken as the first evidence for the multiverse.”

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Astronomers¬†have been unable to explain the cause of this massive void ‚Äì and a new study conducted by Durham University claims it couldn‚Äôt possibly exist at all.Saying¬†‚ÄúIt is too amazing to be possible after all!! The voids we have detected cannot explain the Cold Spot under standard cosmology. “There is the possibility that some non-standard model could be proposed to link the two in the future but our data place powerful constraints on any attempt to do that.”

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The  study suggests galaxies in the Cold Spot cluster around smaller voids that spread over the region like bubbles, and that there is only a two per cent chance that it formed randomly. If all the bizzare assertions are true, the Cold Spot indicates that our cosmos contains an infinite number of parallel universes which, in turn, contain an infinite number of realities.

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NASA scientists once said that ‚ÄúOur universe which we believe as an Eternal supernebula might be inside the jar of an alien high schooler who got a C- in his project and we might not be able to see what’s in his jar of A+‚Äù.¬†

The possibilities are endless and this is truly the most fascinating timeline.

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