College Is Getting Over And We Know You’ll Miss It-To All The Third Years

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All spent living some of the best days,making memories of a lifetime.The days when mass bunks never succeeded and class assignments meant a group effort,when the amount of money in the pockets was inversely proportional to the amount of hunger felt,when every birthday called for the biggest celebration almost non existent savings could afford,when going to classes was more about having fun with friends and when the biggest problem in life that couldn’t be solved was ATTENDANCE (For everything else a bunch of idiots called friends were usually available).

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And now, after all those moments and all those memories,as you stand on the threshold of leaving behind a place you had come to recognize as a second home,you are bound to experience a whirlwind of emotions.Excitement and anticipation for what is to come and nostalgia for what you are about to leave behind.At this point you wish you could only have this life for one more day,that you could only turn back time to relive every moment again and we know it is going to be one hell of a task,leaving a piece of your heart behind.

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On the first day of college,you were put together with a bunch of strangers in a classroom,not knowing that one day those very people would become the most important part of your lives,your best friends,one of the major reasons why you wanted to come to college everyday,your closest confidants,your biggest critics and your support system for life.You shared your smiles and tears, your joys and tears,your success and failure and now saying goodbye is a bitter-sweet experience.

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In the past three years,the only constant in this journey has been the college campus,a silent spectator to every mischief.The café, which became the party hall for every celebration,the trees sitting under which you had life changing talks,that spot you went to after every heartbreak,every nook and corner has a story to tell.

College life from freshers to super seniors was sure to be a roller coaster ride.You’ve grown and developed,discovering bits and pieces of yourself every single day.As you stand strong,ready to face the world you’ve only had glimpses of and to put to test all that you’ve learnt from your Alma Mater,we hope that you will always look back to this precious time with fondness as you keep this chapter of the book of life locked away in a safe box in your heart.

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