College Life Through The Eyes Of A Maniac Depressive

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Well yeah! we don’t like talking about depression or mental illness do we. after all why to think about sadness when things are going fine. the explanation seems quite plausible. However, you would be surprised to know that lives of people with manic depression/ bipolar disorder are way¬†colorful¬†than you think.

Colorful feels like an out of place word does it? Well, that is the best way to describe the experience. Let’s get systematic and discuss all the aspects one by one


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Managing sleep along with everything happening in college is one hell of a task. We all have days when we sleep for an hour or so and head to college. How about being able to function for an entire day with two to three days of sleep without having any feeling of discomfort at all. Well, days become much more productive. Being able to binge watch game of thrones and also have time to study on the same day, seems something too good to be true doesn’t it. well, its one of the perks of having bipolar.

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However, there is flip side as well. having bouts of overcoming when all one wants to do is remain in bed for days at length having no desire to do anything. Days when menial tasks as picking up a call or taking a shower for that matter become difficult to pull through. When all that makes you drag yourself to college is fear of attendance falling short that too on lucky days.


All of have a deep relation with food, don’t we? Be it the regular canteen¬†ka¬†rajma¬†chawal¬†or the one served in cafes in Satya and Hudson lane. A major chunk of the day is spent deciding aj¬†khana¬†kya ha.We all go through this Delima every day. Don’t we?Well, consider this eating a pack of chips in the entire day.Not that I don’t have food available it is the desire to eat that does not exist.when depressed I hardly eat anything even tough on other days I too like normal teenagers eat a lot. Those who wonder what’s different about it as all have times when they aren’t able to eat the thing here is that it is a repetitive phenomenon where for even for weeks at length one hardly eats. All this low eating brings along a lot of other problems one of the most common being fluctuating blood sugar and constant anxiety.


Well, let’s address the elephant in the room.Frequent mood changes, one thing every person suffering from manic depression get used to with time.¬†Many times I am with friends and family having a good time all joyful and suddenly I withdraw. Everything is the same yet it is not. things seem to be different. Self-doubt and apathy come into play. mind you! everything is happening in the brain, however, the effects are visible outside people often feel they are being ignored or you’re being rude.Well yeah, I hate you a lot can’t stand you for more than five minutes (sarcasm). I do understand how difficult it is to be friends with me however in my moments of euphoria I happen to be the person everyone wants to be around. That friend who’ll cheer you up and would always be there when required the most.

Well yes, you may find me a bit weird and even judge but at end of day, my world happens to be way more colorful than you can imagine.I experience things from both sides of the table and observe things you may hardly feel important. At last, all I have to say is don’t judge people are different, we all have some shortcomings or other and when we and when we attach those shortcomings to someone’s personality.It just ain’t right.

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