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College of Art : One Of The Best College For Advance Training In Fine Arts

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Established in the year 1942 under the arts department of the Delhi College of Engineering, now called Delhi Technical University, College of Art, is the one and only arts college for advance training under Delhi University. Located centrally the college runs in an isolated environment, miles away from the hustle bustle of North Campus and South Campus.Unlike other colleges of DU, this institution of art has its own fundamentals and ground rules.Weekly assignments are given and attendance is taken in two halves. Majority of the students in this college appear after having pursued a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s in various subjects like Economics, Journalism, B.Com, Psychology, History, Philosophy, etc.


The college offers courses for both graduates and post graduates. It allows you to choose from the two different mediums of visual art, both applied and creative. The courses offered are-

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1. Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

A two year long course for post graduation in-

  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Visual Communication
  • Applied Art

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

A four year long course for undergraduates. The courses offered under this program cover the fundamental topics from the same subjects offered for Masters except for Applied History which is mandatory for all those pursuing a Bachelor degree from this college. The training given here lays emphasis primarily on the prescribed theory subjects, studio practicals, research and outdoor practicals in selected fields.

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College Societies

Unlike other DU Colleges College of Art does not have any registered societies or extra curricular activities. However, once you get your name enrolled inside this institution of creativity you will notice the college has its own societies that are majorly run for the interest of the students. They are not guarded by staff members and no ECA’s are granted for these. But still the enthusiastic Picasso’s balance their work and interest areas with a sense of belongingness.

Campus and Infrastructure

Located in the heart of the capital, College of Art has a beautiful campus. Established a few meters away from the Supreme Court, the students witness a series of patrolling on daily basis. But once you step inside the campus you’ll witness the chilled out vibe and charismatic aura. While strolling around the campus, you’ll come across many artistic backdrops, beautifully crafted sculptures (all works of the students) and friendly dogs escorting you on your way. Coming to the infrastructure of the college, there is a ‘homey canteen’ that only provide tables and rare access to menu cards. Students need to go as per the chef’s choices i.e everyday a single dish is prepared which is served throughout the day. Apart from the homey canteen, there is a basketball court and a gym for the fitness freaks and of course the aesthetic buildings for the budding artists. Individual lockers are provided to each student.

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Annual Art Exhibition

If you wish to take a dip inside the pool of aesthetics, colour strokes and brilliant artefacts then you must visit the Annual Art Exhibition of College of Art. It’s a week long exhibition and the only time of the year when the students are allowed to stay back and illuminate the college interiors with the best of their works. From photographs to paintings, illustrations to doodles, portraits to still life, you’ll find everything.

Annual Sports Day

College of Art organises the Annual Sports Day. On this day, refreshment is given to all the students and it is an off campus event. All the sports enthusiasts take part in it and the event witnesses an array of swift races, march past and performances by the students.


The students of the College of Art are mostly seen munching in the Supreme Court’s canteen as the rates are highly subsidized. While a huge chunk of students are seen chilling and sketching at the Mandi House Metro Station. The metro station is a hub for the students and CP is the first place they go to when they run out of fresh air and need a change of backdrops. 

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