College v/s Course: The biggest Dilemma

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If you’ve found yourself besieged by the Dilemma of choosing b/w a good college or that course you’ve always wanted then,this article is for you.

Let’s do the Pros and Cons of both.

Good College- 


  1. It could be the Ivy League you think you deserve or comparatively better college. Need I say more?
  2. Dandy Life if we don’t include the academic front.
  3. Not necessarily better infra or Faculty but necessarily more priority to quality studying.


  1. Now, we can’t ignore the academic front forever right. Let me break the ice for you here. The moment you signed up for a course not of your choice or/and interest you took your first step towards stairway to hell.
  2. It is said, the moment you take less than you deserve you get even less than you signed up for. I know bad citation. I’m Rusty but you get the crux right. You don’t like the course and you think you’ll manage anyway but it turns out you’re not much of a manager, in fact.



  1. Audacious choice Friends. It’ll pay off trust me.
  2. Now that you have your favourite thing to study, your favourite kind of books to devour in. And plethora of complications ¬†you actually want to understand. I know i don’t have to tell you how good you can be.
  3. Being in college is nothing similar to being in School. Cooler for some, worse for the others. It always calls for investing more study hours than before. At least you’ll know now it’ll all be worth it.
  4. There’s one more uncanny side to this story. Now that you have the course of your choice. If it may happen to you, that you don’t feel content with it in the end. You can always go for bigger things champ!
  5. If you think it might not pay off much in monetary term and some other course will. Then I’ll just say nothing is permanent in this world now. Not even the probability or certainties. Still not feeling better? Go watch 3 idiots you’ll be fine:D


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Sorry! I don’t see any cons. Do you?

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All your life you’ve been in a race. In fact in reality you’re so much on your own as an individual that you’re in competition with no one. It’s time to Unlearn and Then Learn. Choose wisely. Now do the math. I’ve sincerely put down all the points for you.

Happy! Admitting… Fuchas 🙂

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Namrata Dayal
An ambivert from Lady Shri Ram College and a brutally honest writer. Has Insatiable love for books and a singular palate when it comes to Food and Music.

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