Usually sixth semester for students is filled up with discussions like Goa and Kasol trips, life after graduation and planning of farewell parties. But amidst all these discussions, what’s making big is problem regarding B.A. Programme students where university has not provided syllabus to students with economics as their skill enhancement course (SEC) paper. Both, concerned teachers and students are confused about their course of action in this respect. According to university guidelines students have to study two compulsory paper under SEC in choice based credit system (CBCS) of undergraduate program but now university officials are persuading students to opt their SEC paper from another subject. When asked by professors of different colleges, The Head of Department Aditya Bhattacharyajea, in his reply said “colleges and teachers were told last year that they should take the initiative to design SEC’s and the department would not be doing it. The students should take an extra SEC from other subject .

Under CBCS system which was commenced in 2015 , students are provided with variety of subjects to study for 3-year under graduate program where students study different subjects under core, ability enhancement , skill enhancement and language courses. It is said that this is the first batch under new CBCS system that’s why there confusion over subjects.

Now the issue from which students are dealing with is that they are left with no choice and have to study paper from other discipline which they might not want to study . Another problem which students are facing is delay in selection of another subject for SEC which will lead to delay in commencement of classes which consequently lead to delay in completion of syllabus.

I have no hesitation in saying that irresponsible behaviour of authorities in this regard is contributing to misery of students of B.A. Programme course.

It can rightly be said as “exasperating farrago of distortions” in words of honourable Shashi Tharoor.


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