Contraception and Birth-Control: Myths Debunked!

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There are a lot of myths surrounding the topic of contraception. Even though we’re sky-rocketing towards being the most populated country in the matter of a few years, contraception and birth control is still not talked about enough. So, we are here to debunk a few myths about contraception!

Myth: Condoms are the only type of birth control.

Fact: Condoms are the most easily available type of contraception available. But it is not the only one.

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There are several other types of contraception like internal condoms, birth control pills, contraceptive patch, contraceptive implant, intrauterine devices, etc.

Myth: Any Birth-Control method can prevent STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

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Fact: Conceptive methods that create a barrier, like external and internal condoms, can prevent and reduce the risk of STIs.

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But, hormonal birth control, permanent sterilization, fertility awareness, IUDs, and other methods still allow STIs to spread from one partner to the other during sex.

Myth: You can’t get pregnant during periods, hence, don’t need to use contraception.

Fact: You can get pregnant during your periods, even if the chances are low. It can also depend upon the length of the person’s menstrual cycle.

To be safe, you should use contraception even if you are having sex during your periods.

Myth: All contraceptive methods are appropriate for everyone.

Fact: Different people have different needs. Before using any internal birth-control method like birth control pills, you should definitely visit your physician to get professional and medical advice.

The comfort of a person, the effectiveness of a method and other factors like side effects should be considered. If someone does not want to take hormonal contraception, they can opt for external birth control measures.

Myth: You don’t need contraception if you use the “pull-out” or withdrawal method.

Fact: If the withdrawal method is the sole contraceptive method being used, it can be proved to be highly ineffective. There is still a 22% chance (1 in a 5 chance, highly risky) that you might get pregnant, even if your partner pulled-out at the right time.

It is proved that sperm can be released before ejaculation as well. Besides, premature ejaculation is always a possibility. It is a wise decision to use another contraceptive measure, like condoms or birth-control pills, along with the withdrawal method, which can prove to be quite effective.

Myth: Morning-After Pill or Plan B can be used as a regular contraceptive measure.

Fact: Emergency contraceptive pills, also known as the morning-after pill or Plan B, are high-dose birth control pills that prevent pregnancy after a person has had sex without using birth control or when the birth control used was ineffective (like breakage of a condom).

According to research, these pills prevent pregnancy by delaying ovulation. As these pills are quite strong, using them regularly is not a healthy way of contraception. They should only be used when there’s an emergency.

Birth-Control pills are milder in comparison, and when used with the advice and consultation of a doctor, they are harmless.

We hope that this article helps you, and you engage in safe and healthy sex!

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