Correcting This Time What Went Wrong Last Semester : Semester Exams

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In the first place, heartfelt sympathies for those who didn’t do well in the last semester (we both are sailing in the same boat).The mutual feelings of sorrow have bound us together this time people! And of course each one of us wants to improve. So let’s see how.

What is a bad result?

A bad result is not when you score a certain low percentage/percentile/SGPA/CGPA that is thought of in a not so good manner by your family/friends/professors etc.It’s when you don’t score up to your own expectations and calibre. he first step to everything is realization,we need to realize whether our score was bad according to our benchmarks or according to the marks set by people in general.

What after that?

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Ask yourself,did I get what I gave? If you got a score lower than your efforts then yes there is something to bother about.If not, then why are we even wasting our time on this?

Motivation to study

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After being through a not so rewarding semester it is obviously difficult to develop a will to study again. So these are a few affirmations all of us need to repeat every day.

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1. It was just a result, definitely not more important than my peace of mind, and come on I am in college now 😉
2. I will study well despite having loads of distractions and important targets like societies and internships.
3. I will not stop working hard,though on certain occasions I will choose to work smartly.
4. I will study my difficult subjects more frequently.
5. I will strive to get a certain minimum attendance to boost my result.
6. I will give myself some free time to do things I love.
7. And most importantly I will forgive myself and forget this event.

Cheers to a better result and as SRK said in Dear Zindagi ‚ÄúBlackmail your present to turn into a brilliant future.”

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