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Courses At DU : B.A. Journalism (Hons)

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Journalism is one of the fastest emerging career fields among the today’s young generation. With the growing importance of media today, the opportunities in the field are numerous and the job is also demanding and exhilarating at the same time. The media boom that our country experienced has made many students consider Journalism as a lucrative career. To cater the growing demand of media professionals, many Journalism Courses have been introduced. The Power to influence the whole crowds with the first information that they possess.

Why Should One Opt For Journalism?


Journalism is an interdisciplinary Course and is made for those who don’t want to get themselves stuck in one single subject for the next three years of their life. The Course is structured in a way that it reaches out to many other fields and the students gain an insight into all sorts of subjects. The opportunities available to a student after doing this course are tremendous.¬†
Journalism will never die as long as the world has news to report and requires someone to report it. If you love learning new things, journalism may be the perfect field for you.With a journalism career, you will meet many new people they you may not have met otherwise. You will get to know people from all world of life and have the opportunity to hear their stories.

How Difficult Is To Pursue?


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Being a good writer isn’t enough :¬†To get hired, you need to understand all aspects of what make a good story. It’s great to have a concentration in writing, but don’t let that be the only thing you’re good at.
No place for Introvert people : Journalism requires you to talk to strangers. From interviewing people on the street to pitching ideas to editors.
Get comfortable with deadlines and late nights.
If you a WHY person? The person should have scepticism quality,who always doubt the truth until he is sure and verify the facts.
If you are bold, hard-working, talkative and talented, the career of journalism will suit you and you may have good future ahead. Alertness, investigative mind, tolerate of difficult situation, English language proficiency, good communication skill, enthusiasm, confidence, patience view on fact and fiction in-depth knowledge in culture and current affairs one should excel in.


The career is very flexible and offers several specializations.There are ample of job opportunities available in field of Journalism. If one persists with hard work and passion, a career in journalism can be a fulfilling career. If looking for a career in journalism, one should have a presentable and confident personality along with the ability to write and present information, accurately and concisely.

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Some of the Career options students can go for is as follows: Broadcast Journalism, Investigative Journalism, Photojournalism career, Sports Journalism, Communication Career, Public Relation Career.
Journalism will never die as long as the world has news to report and requires someone to report it. It is the best career opportunity, from the last 15-20 yrs, the world of journalism or media has changed thoroughly. Now the involvement of social media and internet network has brought the flood of jobs and opportunities in the field.

How To Get Into Journalism?

To enter the field, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum education level required and relevant experience is often necessary.

Skills Required:

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Inquisitive and investigative mind, Alertness Adaptive and tolerant of changing and difficult situations, Good communication skills also, Command over language, confidence, Enthusiasm, Patience and Perseverance, the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, adhering to deadlines, team cohesiveness, sensitivity to different views and lifestyles, in depth knowledge about various fields.

How To Apply?


The process for applying for the Undergraduate Course is the same as for other courses. Applicants have to fill the centralised  registration form and opt for the course. Admissions will be based on Cut-offs B.A.(Hons) Journalism.
Six Colleges in Delhi University currently offer B.A.(Hons) Journalism at the undergraduate level-
Lady Sri Ram College for Women :¬†An all girl’s College that offers Bachelor in Journalism programme to students. Often guest lectures are provided by big names of the media industry. It is designed to give women an effective voice in the world of media.
Kalindi College : Department of Journalism has been one of Kalindi College star course which has been known for its pro-active students every since. The department has a state-of-the-art multimedia studio. Department of college enlisted its name among the top Colleges of DU having facilities of electronic video production. It has also partnered with DUCR (community Radio of DU) Its an all girls college.
Kamla Nehru College :¬†Admission into this college provides a perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical training. It’s an all girls college.
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce : It is committed to provide contemporary and industry-relevant media education. It has strived to realize the premier goals of excellence and knowledge by providing  students with the interface between the media industry and academics by inputs from eminent media personalities and renowned journalists.
Maharaja Agrasen College :¬†It’s a co-ed college. College offers practical training with a personal media lab for students. The department has remained committed to not merely preparing students for the media industry by making them aware of the theoretical principles associated with practical exposure.
The Institute of Home Economics : It is all set to offer B.A.(Hons) Journalism from the coming academic session. IHE has became the sixth college of DU to offer the course. The institute has all media equipment to support this field.
The DU has initiated the process to start the Delhi School Of Journalism and will offer an integrated course in journalism. Admissions for the Delhi School Of Journalism start from this year and will proceed on the basis of cut-offs like the other course. Thirty students will be admitted this year. The five-year integrated degree will have the option to exit after three years with an undergraduate degree in journalism.
Keep an eye on DU Express to know more about different Courses at DU from the students currently pursuing them. Choose your Course and College wisely. Stay Tuned! All the Best!
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