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Courses At DU : BSC Chemistry (Hons)

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Every Science student once in his/her school life must have said, “Bhai,Science lekar galti kardi.”

But that’s not true.A wide variety of options opens up for a Science tudent once stepping out of School.One of it is opting for a single subject and moving on in that field.

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When it comes to most confusing subject of Science Stream, Chemistry occupies the top position.This subject is itself divided into three branches – Physical,Inorganic and Organic.Chemistry is also called Central Science because it bridges other natural sciences,including physics,geology and biology.

Chemistry deals with the composition,structure,properties and change of matter.In fact,Chemistry is concerned with the study of our surrounding.The history of Chemistry can be traced back to alchemy,which had been practiced for several millennia in various parts of the world.

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You may have heard people terming Chemistry as boring and if this confuses you then you should surely read the below mentioned points.


  • There is always something new to discover in this vast universe. ¬†A new element, ¬†a new metal, a new compound and this all falls under Chemistry.
  • Chemistry is full of colours. White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and once you are in lab, ¬†maybe you can witness a new shade in the chemicals.
  • Chemistry is a big part of our everyday life. The air we breathe, ¬†the food we eat, ¬†the feelings we show, ¬†everything has a chemistry behind it. ¬†And discovering the answers to these questions is always interesting.
  • Chemistry offers us a logical approach to all the questions that has been in one’s head since childhood.


A Scientist studying atom is a group of atoms studying themselves. Chemistry is full of mysteries. With a lot of them solved,another lot of questions still lay unanswered.How did life begin? What is dark matter made of? Where is all the Lithium? and the list continues.

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The other answered list is still unknown to most of the people. How Soap cleans? Why onions makes us cry? Why ice floats? What is with the tears when we feel down?.To discover this list, jump into this mysterious subject.


There are certain questions which arise as in What to do after graduation in Chemistry?  What are the career choices?.

1. Some of the higher study options after graduating ¬†in Chemistry Honours are –

M. Sc in Chemistry,  Analytical Chemistry, Drug Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Physical and Material Chemistry. Also, Master of Business Administration (MBA)  is also a good career choice.

There are certain exams conducted like JAM, TIFR to get  into a good college for post graduation.

2. Certification Courses.

Certification courses  can also be an option for graduates i.e.,  Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC).

3. Apart from this,  the employment areas for B. Sc Chemistry graduates  include

Pharmaceutical industries, Chemical Manufactures, Forensic Science Department,  Plastic Industries, Agrochemical Industries.

One can also get recruited in other field such as oil, gas and power sectors and even in defense services.

Once you graduate in Chemistry,a wide new world opens up for you.With some of the mysteries solved and some still to solve,you will come out as a person with logic and with a better understanding of the world. 

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