Know Your Course Better : BA Programme At Delhi University
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BA Programme is the most famous course among aspirants every year. It offers a variety of subjects hence, providing students with a variety of opportunities.

Under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) the course consists of discipline, language and ability enhancement courses. The entire course is divided into 6 semesters where a student studies 4 subjects in each semester.


Each student has to choose 2 discipline courses which remain same throughout the course (i.e. for all 6 semesters).Some of the discipline courses offered by the university include Political Science, History, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Application, English-D, Philosophy, Psychology, Family And Child Welfare (FCW), Human Resource Management (HRD), Geography and a few more. These discipline courses vary from college to college.    


One of the 4 subjects offered is a language course which is given to the student on the basis, that up till what class the student has studied certain language (if a student has studied English/Hindi till class 12, then he/she would study English/Hindi A or else if a student has studied English/Hindi till class 10 then he/she would study English/Hindi B. ). The language course changes every semester, for example if a student has studied English till class 12 and Hindi till class 10, then he or she would study English A in one semester and Hindi B in the other.


The fourth course offered under this course is an Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) which include Environmental Science and English Communication/ MIL Communication.

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