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Covid Horror Stories: Survival of The Richest?

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With the second wave in its full swing and reports of bed and drug shortages sweeping all over the internet, survival seems hard. They say diseases don’t see left or right, don’t discriminate between the rich or poor. But what if I tell you survival does? It hasn’t been a hidden fact that our country is stuck in the vicious oblivion of corruption. But when in crisis, hope arises expectations for the chosen leaders to prioritize the people. However, the world doesn’t work that way.


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  1. The Man who Has-It-All, gets more.

According to Akshay Kumar’s official handle, he was admitted to a hospital as a precautionary step. This was posted not long ago, on the fourth of April, i.e. when the second wave had already hit the country. Maharashtra was hit the hardest, but meanwhile, cases were still rising.


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Akshay Kumar's Post
Akshay Kumar’s Post
credits: Instagram


VIPs like Bollywood celebrities, politicians and essential people with money and power have always had an upper hand in society. But at times like these, we expect our nation to forget the labels and the tags that people carried before. Our priorities should be their needs and not their status. Is our right to life nothing but a big fat irony? With people dying on roads looking for hospital beds, rooms have been pre-booked for people with cash. How do we survive in a world like this? This is not even a rat race with a close call, rather a closed call.

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2. Stolen Oxygen Cylinder from Critical Patient

(TW: Death, crying, extreme howling, mention of disturbing footage and audio)

In another video surfacing all over the internet, a man can be seen literally begging the policemen to not take away the oxygen cylinder that he arranged for his dying mother.

The video was posted on a meme page which has now been converted into a full-time coronavirus resource/updates page. The page has claimed that the cylinder was taken into police custody for a fellow VIP in the said post. The page also claimed that the woman died within two hours after the incident.

It is truly disheartening to see people black-market such essential commodities, to ask for money in exchange for a life. Do the middle and lower class have no right to survive? Are we just not worth it? As a matter of fact, this is the reality of 2021. And the government has sincerely asked us to prepare for worse.

3. Going on a vacation or fleeing from a death trap?

On a more disheartening note, Indian tycoons and others who could afford private flights have booked tickets to bolthole to safer places.

Recently, Maldives banned Indian tourists from seeking refuge on their land. Right after the poster children of The Indian Cinema and other people with face value spent ‘quality time’ in their haven. Coincidence? No. The mounting cases of coronavirus are prompting such wealthy families to flee from their land to safer places. It is fair to want to save their own lives, but is it fair to risk the lives of others?

Canada, Hongkong, UAE and the UK are also among the dozens of states that have banned Indian tourists from entering their lands.


4. Dr. Jangra’s footage

Dr. Manish Jangra, who works at the RML hospital in Delhi, cleared the air around shameful accusations. In footage recorded by him, he claimed that the VIPs had occupied most beds at the hospital. Even when he, himself, needed a bed, he couldn’t get one after working sleeplessly for days.

The Federation of All Indian Medical Association came into play and wrote a letter to the prime minister. The VIP centre at RML hospital was then converted into a Covid Centre. Even after all that, the doctor had to wait for around 3 hours to get a proper bed for recovery.

Stories like these call for revolution, they call for unity. But I fear our memories are weak and before we know it, this shall be forgotten too.

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