Cutoff Isn't Everything - It All Comes Down To You In The End

Delhi university is more famous for its cut-offs than anything else for being really high, always. Usually it has been observed that first cut-offs are kept high by some colleges which are highly ranked, but the other colleges tend to keep it high as well as to see if the admissions absorb this or not. If not, then the gap in the subsequent cut-offs tend to be bigger, making room for more students.

There are usually very less admissions that take place in the first cut-off but it’s okay if you couldn’t meet the criteria/cut-off this time because every year DU releases almost around 8-10 cut-offs making room for thousands of students in its diverse environment.

Also, one needs to understand that at the end, what matters is what you have learnt in your three or four years of graduation, not the ranking of your college or the fests it conducts. Because in this run of life, you’ve to fight with your skills and abilities that you hold and not the name of the college you graduated from.

This is what most of the students do not understand. They take cut-offs like life alerts and compromise on courses, go against the subject that interests them to join a better ranked college with a cut-off they can meet for a course that doesn’t interest them. But what would you do even in the top ranked college if you study the subject you don’t even want to look at? Is that education anyway worthy?

No, it is not. Nobody is going to earmark the college with your name because either in placements or in the long run of life, what matters is what you know, how you do things and other skills.

One should not take cut-offs like the dead ends. These are opportunities for everyone, some get through the cut-offs and those who don’t, get lessons to work hard. And working hard doesn’t just mean scoring exorbitantly high but doing everything to improve yourself in what you can do the best, because that is what matters.


  1. True….as students we get disheartened for not getting admission in our aspired college but that’s truly not the end of our career instead its the beginning to achieve our goals in whichever college we get admitted to….


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