Cyber Bullying: A Hideous Weapon

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Internet which has become a necessity is also a hideous weapon that can be used by anyone today. Cyber bullying is a crime which is increasing at a fast pace and traumatizing people in the world. It includes embarrassing by posting cruel pictures or mean comments, harassing by negative comments or stalking through websites, social networks and text messages.

All of us must have been a part of cyber bullying, sometimes a victim or a bully. As being a part of social media, our friends must have tagged us in funny or personal pictures of ours or vice versa. But, sometimes while making fun of other no one realizes that the other person is hurt or ashamed of themselves.

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Cyber Bullying: A Hideous Weapon

Statistics of Cyber Bullying:
  • At least 45% of youngsters face cyber bullying before the age of 18 years.
  • About 36% of students aged 8 to 22 years are worried about being bullied at school, college or university.
  • It is believed that about 38% of schools, college or university does not take bullying seriously.
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A fictional example of cyber bullying:

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There was a girl obsessed with social media as she was lonely and had no real life friends. She had more than 2000 friends on Facebook, more than 3000 Instagram followers and so on. She would accept anyone’s request on Facebook or Instagram and started talking to them. That virtual world became her entire life and she tried to deny the real world as it made her more lonely. Now, she has a best friend, boyfriend and so many Friend-zoned brothers. As time passes, she came closer with people in her virtual life and she started talking with her boyfriend on Skype and once he recorded the video chat. He edited the video and made it vulgar and then threatened her. She was blackmailed to a certain extent that she attempted suicide.

Cyber Bullying: A Hideous Weapon

Sometimes, we cannot understand the depth of our actions, Cyber bullying can push a person to extreme ends and even to take their lives. Cyber bullying affects a person physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the effects of cyber bullying are depression, anxiety, low self esteem, suicide.

Stop yourself from falling into the trap of cyber bullying by following these steps:

  • Set difficult passwords which includes numbers and letters
  • Never accept friend request of unknown people.
  • Do not share your personal information with anyone.
  • Create awareness by educating people about cyber bullying.
  • Set up privacy measures.
  • Never hide, always acknowledge.

Cyber Bullying: A Hideous Weapon

Stay safe,Stay happy.Better Safe Than Sorry.

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