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Campus Ki Khabar DAAG-E-DAAMAN : ABHIVYAKTI, Maitreyi College's Theatre Society

DAAG-E-DAAMAN : ABHIVYAKTI, Maitreyi College’s Theatre Society


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To err, is human.

Let’s dig deep into the recesses of our senses and for an instant, contemplate on the work of art of the Almighty, as they say, the female kind. The painting is drawn of a conventional and an ideal woman who is pitied against the conventions of the society and what becomes of her is a dull, hazy and melancholic being who is inately soulless and mechanic. Not only is she a contradiction of an artwork but also a ‘sight’ and a victim of the patriarchal setup.

Since time immemorial, women have been conditioned to mould themselves in a particular way so as to conform to the audiences’ demands. People say, the times have gone by when their mere existence was a blot on the society but even today there is a very bleak light at the end of the tunnel signifying that the female race’s blood is considered impure to the very core.

                      BLEEDING, MENSTRUATING!

Well, now that I have grabbed the eyeballs of many, reading this insignificant writeup wrapped in the sheets of indignity where even religion turns away and becomes the greatest hypocrite and makes it a malady.

¬†ABHIVYAKTI, the Theatre Society of Maitreyi College, brings to you their annual production for the year 2017, DAAG-E-DAAMAN which was put up on 6th February’17 at National Institute of Immunology, JNU. Questioning once again, raising their voices against the suffering and indifference of every being who rejects the very process of natural creation and degeneration.


Where the commercial industry of sanitary health and welfare of women hoists the flag of equal acceptance of the basic needs of the equally fair sex, the whole of the society, including the face of the female sect itself (mostly) continues to be a hindrance to the fundamental right of the women’s existence.

The play, set in the premises of an ashram,is run by the female (patriach) figure Ammaguru narrates the stories of the poor victims called Laghvi, Saavri, Jamuna and Madini. The very heart of this work lies in the use of technology to exploit and close all doors of expression for these young ladies. The so-called technology here acts as the devil in bringing out the most unscientific and irrational invention to conquer, body and soul, the minds of the innocent.


Text and Guidance: Kuldeep Kunal

Directed by: Malvika Singh, Arsh Dadwal

Language: Hindi , Duration: 50 minutes

Aanchal Kalra
Arsh Dadwal
Chaitali Pant
Malvika Singh
Mariyam Sara
Navneet Sethi
Pragya Kapur
Priyali Dhingra
Rashmi Sharma
Shikha Dimri
Tanya Tokas
Urjita Manan Bhardwaj
Vrinda Sehgal

Percussion : Shampi Sampurna
Harmonium : Vrinda Bhayana

Manvi Anand

Rashi Sharma
Priya Sansanwal

Costume :
Indu Sharma

Special thanks to :
Ishu Kumar
Rajesh Nirmal
The Color Bakery



Shriya Tandon
An idiosyncratic and a determined individual since'97 with the zest to stand out and get past the fear of oblivion. Trying to overcome being a gourmet and getting rid of the habit of procrastination at all times. That's that. English(H) at Maitreyi College, Second year student


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