Dear Kangana Ranaut, I Am Sorry I Mistook Your Impudence For Boldness

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Dear, Kangana Ranaut 

I clearly remember being in grade 9 and watching Queen on the television. I did not quite understand its relevance but I did idolize you a lot back then. However, as a 19-year-old dealing with issues of self-image in different points of life, I find your movie commendable. I appreciate it to the extent that it is one of my favourite movies now. That will never change, no matter how problematic you become day by day. Kangana Ranaut, I feel sorry for my inner child to idolize you. I am sorry I mistook your impudence for boldness.

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Not going to lie but it was not until recently that I realised how toxic you were turning every day. I came across this video of yours dissing Deepika Padukone for coming out as a person suffering from depression. I could not help but disgust over the amount of misinformation you acquired about mental health. Yes, depression can be because of something which happened 8 years ago. You might be thriving in your professional life ad still be depressed. You could date millions of people and dress the way you want and still be under the shackles of this very ruthless illness. And no, you knowing a bunch of people struggling with mental illness does not give you the right to question others.

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The other day I saw a tweet made by you which was about a childhood picture of Alia Bhatt and Sushant Singh Rajput. It read, “Let’s decide who’s cuter! Dumb 10th fail non-actor Alia or genius Physics Olympiad winner genuinely good actor Sushant? Are we going to get likes from filmi A-listers? Let’s see.” While I understand your concern over the tragic demise of a young actor but, are you sure you want to be this person? A few months ago we were all talking about spreading kindness. I don’t think your words reflect that. 

Defying the monotony, I am not going to call you an opportunist. I am simply going to call you out for your behaviour, your mistaken brave behaviour. Let’s face it, just because our fight is against nepotism and people being given an undue advantage because of it, does not mean we have the right to bully those who benefit from it. Nothing in the world can justify harassment of the sort you are pursuing.
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That being said, I thought we were all up for supporting outsiders until you started persecuting people like Taapsee Pannu. Calling fellow female actors unsuccessful is not okay. Addressing them as “pest” and calling them relevant because of oneself is not fair. If your fight is about bullying people and pulling them down, it stands meaningless. I cannot believe that there is even a need to say this but if you do not agree with somebody, does mean you go about harassing them in the name of seeking justice.

It is unfortunate that a person with so much calibre and talent has turned out to be this problematic. You should know better. Your comments on mental health carry the greatest potential to further stigmatise mental illnesses and seeking help. May we all get to know the truth behind one of the greatest tragedies. May we all, at the same time, educate ourselves better and be kinder.

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