Dear World : An Open Letter To The World

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My Dearest World,

Society this side! You are aware of every single nerve and organ in me. I’m both a pretty woman and a handsome man. We share the same mother. I bleed the same blood when pricked. I have the same hands, bodily form, and the same senses as you. I’m hurt by the same weapons, subject to the same diseases and healed by the same medicines as you. I’m warmed by the summers and cooled by the winters. If you tickle me, I will laugh. If you poison me, I will die. I am like you in every single way, just less humane than you are. I am an equal Christian, Sikh, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim. And I am just as revengeful if you hurt me or do me wrong.

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I have all castes incorporated in me. I very frankly admit that I judge people. I mock the losses and humiliate the profits. I am the same human being still I have the tendency to rant about what other human beings lack. I may have many problem areas to correct but I will never look into them. Instead, I will criticize you for your flaws and always tell you to follow the norms I built for you. My permanent job is one which I like to do efficiently and productively, despite the payments in the form of cuss words. I am a professional critic of things and people.

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I will point out if you are slim as a skeleton or plump as an elephant. I will point out if you do not follow my “Sanskari” Indian standards. I will point when you go to late-night parties. I will definitely point you out if I see you with some boy even if he is your classmate, friend or a cousin brother I don’t know about, or your “boyfriend”. You will be consistently judged if you are over masculine or too effeminate. I will judge you when you work hard and spare no time for family or when you do not work at all and depend on your wife. I will point out if you wear Pink and roam around. I want you to be Macho and controlling and if you fail to adhere to the patriarchal norms of masculinity, I will not spare you a moment of peace. Do not worry about me, my “strong” man, I will stereotype you and expect you to follow that stereotype.

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I will judge you no matter which career you pursue. I will consistently tell you to “be yourself” yet continue to judge you. Dark or fair, bearded or beardless, too short or too tall, wear pink or wear black, too practical or too emotional, working or homemaker, virgin or non-virgin, pervert or decent, too pretty or too ugly, girl or boy, man or a woman- at any stage of your life, you will be judged and told do’s and don’ts. Be a topper or an average student, you are my equal victim. According to me, if you dream and have aspirations, you are too ambitious. If you do not aspire, you are an idle person and will pass your life in no actions, you will always face criticizing comments. 

But, I want to appeal to you- Do not be attracted to my mocking nature. I am a psychopath who has been given a job to do. It is not my choice to do it voluntarily. It is innate and it can not go away. It will be a part of me as long as I exist on this planet. But, you, my brave, zealous, enthusiastic world, YOU have to buck up yourself and raise your head, despite what I say. I will torture you always and forever, but you have to keep on moving towards what you aspire and become what you desire. I will always make an effort to stop you but you don’t have to stop yourself. Promise me, that you will run towards your goals and do all you wish to do, ignoring me.  I am not harsh, I just have already set norms on the basis of which I try to demoralize you, but I know you are strong and you will face your lot. So, put on your earphones, listen to your music, ignore me and move on. Light up the world and aspire more, love yourself and grow strong.

Your critic, 


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Parneet Kaur
An enthusiastic Punjabi girl, living for Chai, Chocolates and Pizza. Walking on the road, to find tiny tales that fit my frame. Finding my ways through media writing to enter Journalism. "Someone told her Black is dark, She made Black her power." Has fetish for Nude lipsticks, Mascara and Black clothes.

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