Dear Zindagi : A Helping Hand

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Sakshi sharma
I write because it gives me pleasure and a satisfaction, even if i shout no one can get disturbed with it.

Every 20-something student goes through this, getting to college, making friends, falling in love, falling out of love, finding your aim or goal for life and what not! Isn’t all these decisions have made an utter chaos of our wondrous life? ¬†Well they say that’s life and you have to learn to deal with it, but what if you have a helping hand by your side? ¬†Films are created on a general level to entertain, but some movies go much deeper than that, they touch your heart and DEAR ZINDAGI, is one such movie, that is a perfect therapist for every 20-something, if you understand and take it well.

So here are some examples to help your apply those lessons taught by Jug (shah Rukh Khan) better and put order in your chaotic life.


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We are conditioned from childhood to take a harder way, like to learn to ride a bicycle while falling down a thousand times and hurting yourself, why can’t we instead attach extra wheels to learn first to balance first and make it easier, there is nothing wrong with choosing the easy way.


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Albert Einstein said that mad is the person who repeats doing the same thing again and again to expect a different result every time, like when you first try to make ROTI’S, different maps and shapes are made, until you finally achieve the roundness that was needed, same way don’t give on things that easily just because it isn’t producing a result you desire to, cause genius is a person who have patience to wait for answers rather know all of them.


We are conditioned not to cry or laugh too loudly or to scream too loudly, always to hide away your emotions, just like a coldrink inside a caped bottle once shaken too high produces fizz. So cry, laugh, scream , dance, do whatever you want to do because people will judge you no matter what, also try not to judge people because you don’t know what storm they are going through, try to just sit with them silently cause sometimes a companion is needed just to give company not to lecture.


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why does it always happen that friendships work great and relationships always have to struggle to survive? Because we put all out chips in one basket and expect it to give all the flavours. Have you ever eaten a dish that gives you all flavours like indian, chinese, italian, french…..all in one? Then why do we expect all the roles to be played by just one person and burden them, instead have different dishes for different flavours, and keep the best flavour your favourite, like there is a coffee friend, then a movie partner and a person with whom you share all your problems.



Have you never broken your mother’s heart by denying the dish she made specially for you or have you never lost the money your father has given to you, that has his hard work? Don’t they always forgive for your mistakes believing that you are human beings, then why can’t you do the same and accept ¬†them and understand the fact that there must be some situations for certain their behaviour. Accept them and talk to them more, because they didn’t leave your hand when you couldn’t walk as a child, then why should you?

LET GO OF YOUR FEARS, YOUR INSECURITIES, YOUR PAST. What had to be done has been done, you can’t change it so don’t hold on to it instead learn from it and move on, accept it as it gave some experience to you, because otherwise tell me this if you had never seen the waves of the ocean how would you have been able to enjoy the silence of the same ocean?¬†

So as the movie suggests LOVE YOU ZINDAGI.

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