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Declared for many, Awaited for some!

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If you think that the University is all home and hosed for past OBE results, then you ain’t right. The results have been declared for many but still remain awaited for some.

Remember the months of November and December when you all started forming WhatsApp groups for seamless communication during semester-exams, oh sorry, Open Book exams?

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While our seniors managed to give their exams with low internet broadband width and mental health issues as Achilles’s heels, we, the second-year students had the better of the situation.


It was on February 14 when the University started announcing the results of OBE held in the months of November and December 2020 for the third-semester students. Finally, like an exhaustive Netflix web series, the caravan of declaring results so far and so forth seems to reach an end today.

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Commenting on this delay, the Dean of Examinations, DS Rawat, brought into light that some courses were still left to be evaluated and moreover highlighted how the process of online evaluation is pretty time-consuming.

In addition, the Dean added that certain courses had two evaluators. This meant that the second evaluator could access a particular script only after the first evaluator.

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Click here to check your result. Keep in mind “this too shall pass”.

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The University had laid down the law in her maiden edition of OBE that “the students of all undergraduate and postgraduate courses (regular, SOL and NCWEB) who for any reason fail to upload the answer sheets on the above portal can send the scanned images of the answer sheets in PDF format through e-mail at”.

But to see “RESULT AWAITED” or “ABSENTEE” across the disciplines was a thunderclap for many.

After approaching the University, the students had sent their answer sheets to their respective colleges. Here, their professors would be evaluating them. After that, the administration had to revert the marks as per a notice dating November 19, 2020. Go through the official notice here. The students did so. It has been 8 months and still, there is no response making e-mailing answer sheets look like dead letters.

Read here | “Result Awaited”: OBE 1.0

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