Decoding the course v/s college debate

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College v/s course is a dilemma faced by most students. College is an essential part for a student’s academic background —  ideally, it should offer reputed professors, a lot of internship opportunities, adequate alumni connections and a good brand name value. A course, on the other hand, offers a specialised skill set to the students based on their professional ambitions. Which of them is more important — the right course or a prominent college?

If a student wants to achieve a particular professional goal which requires specific skills, then a course is more important than a college. For example, an aspiring therapist will benefit from pursuing Psychology. If the student chooses to study in a more reputable college but compromise on their degree of choice, they would get deflected from their professional path. 

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However, if a student has yet to decide a fixed career path, wants to go to college for better networking or has a future career that does not demand a specific degree, then choosing a reputed college makes more sense. For example, a student interested in the humanities has a vast variety of courses to choose from — History, English, Philosophy and more or an aspiring journalist does not necessarily have to take a mass media course since internships and a good portfolio matter alongside the choice of degree.  

What if you already chose a course you do not like?

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Fortunately, many western universities offer transfer opportunities to students who want to change their major. Most of these colleges accept transfers from other universities as well as students from their own universities. 

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The University of Delhi allows selected students to transfer colleges, not courses. So, choosing the desired course is more appropriate in universities that function similarly.

Alternate ways to go about between choosing a course v/s college is to choose undergraduate courses that allow students to explore different campuses. The Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) at Delhi University offers B.A. (Honors) Humanities and Social Sciences where you can choose different courses and college campuses for four semesters. While one limitation could be the lack of a specialized course degree, it allows students who are more flexible or have careers that allow varied courses to explore several disciplines. 

What would you choose — a dream college or a desirable course?

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Vanshika Yadav
She is currently studying English Literature from the Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Read her other writings at

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