Delhi CM Inaugurates India’s First Plasma Bank To Tackle Coronavirus

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India witnessed the inception of its first plasma bank at ILBS hospital in Delhi on July 2, 2020. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, while inaugurating the bank appealed to the general public to come forward and donate for others. The bank is set up with the motive of saving the public from the hassle of finding a plasma donor for therapy during the times of this crisis.

Plasma therapy includes the transfusion of plasma from a convalescent coronavirus patient to a critical patient. The blood of a convalescent patient that holds the antibodies to fight the ailment is expected to help the critical patient recover.

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The eligibility for donation is set to be a person who has fully recovered from coronavirus and is free of symptoms for 14 days. Additionally, a person with diabetes or a cancer survivor can not donate their plasma. For those with blood pressure more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90, too are attested not eligible for donation purposes.

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Those interested in contributing to this noble cause can register themselves with the officials by calling 1031 or on Whatsapp number – 8800007722. On successful registration, the person receives a call from a doctor who certifies the person’s eligibility to donate. The process takes somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Unlike blood donation, plasma donation doesn’t cause fatigue or weakness.

Delhi government also specified the benefits it would serve to the donor on its social media pages. Here is the list-

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1. Govt will arrange for transport to the ILBS Hospital, or reimburse travel costs.

2. If you’ve not yet been tested negative after being tested positive for Covid initially, we will arrange for you to be tested.

3. We will provide refreshments during your visit to the Plasma Bank.

4. You will receive a Plasma Donor Certificate signed by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and a vaccine not yet in hand, plasma therapy can prove to be a savior. India has already crossed its 6 lacs mark, with a quick leap from 5 lacs in just 5 days. Each one of us needs to be more careful now and come forward to help in any small way possible.

Image Source – Financial Express

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