Delhi Government Threatens To Stop Funding To DU Colleges

Delhi Government Threatens To Stop Funding To DU Colleges


Delhi Government had asked Delhi University to form a governing body in every government-funded college, which will include five members nominated by the government.

There are 28 colleges which are funded by the government, out of which 12 are fully funded, while the government provides 5 per cent grant to the other 16 colleges.The remaining 95 per cent is given by the UGC.

However, the colleges did not respond to the notice in time. Thereby, on June 8 the government again wrote to DU asking it to speed up the process and not to appoint a new staff until it “duly constitute” the governing bodies in all government-funded colleges.

Still Delhi University has deferred to take an action in the government-funded colleges. Therefore, Delhi government now threatens to withhold funds to these colleges if there is any further non-compliance of its orders.

A government official’s stated, “We are seriously considering stopping funding to all DU colleges. Why should we give money to them when our governing bodies cannot be constituted?”

In response to the orders by the government, a top DU official commented, “The colleges have advertised the positions as per the High Court order and it will take a couple of weeks for the final process to start. By the end of this month, the governing bodies will be constituted, after which the faculty will be appointed.”