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Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to Launch Electric Buses

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Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has decided to start electric buses on a trial basis from 12th August as an initiative towards sustainable and enhanced mobility. Under this lauded scheme, 25 low floor electric buses, which are 24-seaters, will work in two routes. Only regular metro passengers who possess a Delhi Metro Smart Card or Metro DTC Smart Card can commute in these buses. Passengers will use metro smart cards for a cashless commute as these electric buses will not have any conductors onboard – an arrangement that fits well in the Covid-19 scenario. The metro card is already being used for using DTC buses.

Instructions for Pick-Up and Drop Locations

If the bus starts from a metro station, passengers can board it only from that particular station and it will halt only at the designated stops. Passengers would not be able to enter the bus from stoppages along the route. Likewise, if a bus has to arrive at a metro station, passengers can enter from the designated stoppages on the route. But, they can get down only at the specified metro station. This is being done to ensure that only genuine metro travellers avail of this service.

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Unique Features of the Electric Buses Run by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Here is what makes these buses a breath of fresh air in the public transport sector:

  • The e-buses are technologically well-equipped with facilities like CCTV and GPS systems to tighten security.
  • The e-buses also boast of an anti-skid and an anti-brake locking system. It will not move until all the doors are closed. Also, the doors cannot close on detection of any obstruction.
  • These buses are inclusive and can safely accommodate differently-abled and elderly passengers. They are provided with ramps and anchorage for a wheelchair. There is also a panic button and a stop request button in these buses.
  • The DMRC has set up depots at Shastri Park and Majlis Park to ensure regular maintenance of the electric buses. An operational control centre has also been put up to monitor the vehicles.
  • The electric buses will be charged using 2.5 MW electric connection facilities.

Routes and Localities that the Delhi Metro Electric Buses will Cover

For the initial and trial phase, DMRC has chalked out 2 routes that the electric buses shall operate on.

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The first route (MC-721): It will function between Shastri Park Metro station to Gokulpuri Metro station via Khajuri Chowk. The stoppages include-

  1. New Usmanpur,
  2. Shastri Park,
  3. Nayagaon Village,
  4. Kartar Nagar,
  5. Jagjeet Nagar,
  6. Arvind Nagar,
  7. Gamri Village,
  8. Bhajanpura,
  9. Ghonda,
  10. Yamuna Nagar,
  11. Chand Bagh,
  12. New Mustafabad, and
  13. Gokulpuri.

The second route (ML-05): It will operate between Shastri Park metro station to Mother Dairy. The stoppages include-

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  1. Shastri Park Station Gate No-1,
  2. Gandhi Nagar,
  3. Kailash Nagar,
  4. Geeta Colony,
  5. Shamshan Ghat,
  6. Ramesh Park,
  7. Bank Enclave,
  8. Lakshmi Nagar MS,
  9. Lalita Park,
  10. Ganesh Nagar,
  11. Shakarpur School Block, and
  12. Mother Dairy.

The number of routes may go up to 10 by the end of October 2021, according to Anuj Dayal, Executive Director of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.


Travel Fare for Delhi Metro Electric Feeder Buses

The prices set out by DMRC seem to be very economic and accommodating.

  • For a distance of 0-4 km – Rs. 10
  • For a distance of 4-8 km – Rs. 15
  • For a distance of 8-12km – Rs. 20
  • For a distance of 12 km – Rs. 25

The electric buses seem to be a milestone in the development of environment-friendly transportation in Delhi to fight rising levels of pollution. A report by The Wire suggests that India intends to have 30% of its vehicles as electric vehicles by 2030.

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