Delhi University Academic Council Modifies Syllabus Of Major Subjects

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Meanwhile, Delhi University flaunts its wealthy diversity, the present scenario showcases the opposite. Delhi University Academic Council has found the inclusion of topics based on LGBTQ, RSS and caste system in their curriculum objectionable. The council examined syllabus of subjects such as of English, Political Science, History and Sociology when a group of teachers raised objections over it.

The story of ‘Maniben alias Bibijan’ introduced in the English syllabus, based on the Gujarat riots seemed unpleasant to the National Democratic Teachers’ Front (NDTF) claiming that it belittled RSS portraying them as ‘murderers’. This was followed by questioning the relevance of paper like ‘Literature and Caste’ and ‘Interrogating Queerness’. The new syllabus depicted Indian Gods being part of the LGBTQ community. NDTF member Rasal Singh, also an AC member said as reported by Indian Express that instead of papers like ‘Indian Writing in English’, “objectionable” papers like ‘Literature and Caste’ and ‘Interrogating Queerness’ were being introduced. History syllabus presented Communism and Naxalism in papers like ‘Democracy on work’.While History and English syllabus seemed more perplexed, political science and sociology syllabus comparatively required just minor modifications.

In the meantime during the reconsideration of all the four courses, The BJP-youth wing Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad (ABVP) initiated to protest against English and history by surrounding the Vice Regal Lodge at the University’s complex on Tuesday. Through an anonymous source, it was reported that protestors even tried to barge in the Vice Chancellor’s office, demanding the head of the departments of the above subjects along with an academic council member, to be handed over to them. Saikat Ghosh defended English syllabus, immediately after that the ABVP tried to enter the Council Hall demanding Ghosh to be handed over to them. However, all these charges were denied by ABVP later.

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The above events created a ruckus in the council hall which led to the decision regarding the syllabi being left in pandemonium. Although considering the present scenario it was deducted that English and History syllabus require major modifications and were referred back, whereas Political Science and Sociology were passed with minor modifications.

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