Delhi University Asking Suggestions For A Student Friendly Admission Process

Delhi University Asking Suggestions For A Student Friendly Admission Process

The University of Delhi (DU) is all set to accept suggestions for making the admission process more student friendly and also to strengthen it.

The university is seeking for suggestions for both- Undergraduate and Postgraduate level admission, in which more than 2.5 lakh students register online. And hence, the university wants recommendations which can help the applicants.

This initiative was taken by the Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD) and University Grants Commission (UGC). And, the suggestions were asked by the stakeholders before finalising them. Furthermore, because of this initiative different sections of the society would be able to participate in policy making.

The important areas where the university wants suggestions or ideas are :

  1. How to rationalize the cut-offs for merit-based admissions in order to control over or under admissions ?
  2. How to maintain parity in eligibility criteria for admissions in Undergraduate level and Postgraduate level ?
  3. For merit-based admissions- How to minimise students’ visits to Colleges for document verification ?
  4. Should there be or not a single admission form in order to reduce multiple filling of admission forms at the time of admissions ?

Surprisingly, for the newly drafted ”Education Policy”, MHRD has already received more than 65,000 suggestions in a month. And, therefore, the university is expecting genuine responses for this initiative as well.


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