Home Campus Ki Khabar Delhi University Celebrated 61st Annual Flower Show

Delhi University Celebrated 61st Annual Flower Show

Delhi University Celebrated 61st Annual Flower Show

The Delhi University held its 61st ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW to educate the masses about the ecosystem. It created canopies, wetland, grassland, replicas of carnivores and herbivores and other biodiversity in a forest model.

The main attraction was the planting of over a 100 species of flora by 26 colleges, 14 hostels and various departments which resulted in a magnanimous display of colours and scents at the Mughal Garden.

“The flowers and biodiversity show how important forests are for the ecosystem and what impact they have on socio-economic conditions,” Sudeshna Mazumdar Leighton, secretary of DU garden committee was quoted as saying.

From pansies to bougainvillea to roses, the multitude of colours created a hypnotizing arrangement. While hundreds of students were observed clicking pictures of the flowers, many chose to buy potted plants, including succulents, herbal, medicinal and cacti from the stores at the show.

“Students were very interested in visiting the ecosystem simulation. They should know more about the biodiversity parks, which are unique landscapes that nurture plants, animals and microbial species living in ecologically sustainable biological communities,” Faiyaz Khudsar who is an ecologist was quoted as saying.


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