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Delhi University Colleges Turning Eco Friendly

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Delhi university has been one of the most happening places in the country and whenever it makes it to the headlines of newspapers, it automatically gains public attention and people always discuss about the issue among themselves .
Such is the popularity of Delhi University.However,this time it is making news for something else besides its ever increasing cut offs.

The environment is becoming a topic of concern for all the people worldwide, the government and many activists have been working over it for a long time now. This scenario to care for our environment gained more momentum when the colleges of Delhi University also roped in to spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Recently Dyal Singh College of Delhi University was in news for being one of the first college to install a solar panel in their college premises .It was indeed a remarkable step on their part and they were appreciated for this great step.It was this solar panel ,which actually helped the college authorities to reduce their electricity bills by 30% in fact now the college is selling the surplus electricity to Rajdhani and BSES and earning some money as well.Also it is said that,they can recover the cost of setting up the solar panel within 3 years .It is expected that soon they would also opt for rain water harvesting and build affluent treatment plants.

Similar lines have been followed by students of Lady Irwin college,as they have installed solar water heaters for its hostel, laboratory and kitchen to minimize energy usage.Besides this, organic composting of garden waste using specially made bags for leaf composting is done.This all is done to sensitize the students about the importance of protecting the environment and its related issues.In fact,the college has large windows to enable students get more of sunlight and use of LED floodlights are other steps taken by the college to conserve environmental resources.

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One of the most important factor for generating pollution is the use of non biodegradable substance like plastic.Well,Kalindi College has taken care of this issue.The college authorities have banned the use of plastic bottles on campus.Earthen pots are now used for drinking water on campus..It is a great step taken by college authorities to protect the environment since,it not only protects the environment but also provides fresh and healthy water to students in this scorching heat.It also encourages the sale of earthen pots thereby promoting this skill .
Recently,the Delhi government has taken a green India initiative by launching the odd–even rule to reduce air pollution.This has been followed by Ramjas College of Delhi University,in a unique manner.The college authorities have tied up with Delhi Cycles Private Limited (Green Ride Public Bicycle Sharing Service ). There will be two stands one at the college and other at metro station and students using a smart card can easily cycle to the college using a smart card.It has been a good step not only to save the environment but it will also keep students healthy .
These colleges have done different things but what they aim is to protect the environment and to sensitize people about the same . They have all come with such unique ideas and have actually been able to successfully implement them.It not only shows their creativity but also how much dedicated they are to bring a change in the society through their actions.

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