Saturday, January 18, 2020
Campus Ki Khabar Delhi University Sets Up A Task Force To Maintain...

Delhi University Sets Up A Task Force To Maintain Peace And Security In Campus


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The illegal parking, water logging, incidents of snatching and stealing and women safety issues are causing a mayhem at DU colleges. With the objective of making the campus safer for everyone, Delhi University has set up a 20-member task force to tackle these problems. This was announced in a notification issued by the University on October 17. The task force will comprise of the college Principal, former and current members of academic council and professors from various departments.

As reported by NDTV, the notification from DU mentions that the task force will focus on maintaining peace, security and privacy of students in the university enclave area.  Hansraj Suman, a professor and a member of the task force told NDTV that the move aimed at “ensuring a clean, green and safe university campus. There is a lot of chaos these days due to overcrowding, illegal parking etc. The task force will ensure a campus where learning takes place without any kind of worries, anxieties or insecurities”

The task force will have a special focus on making the university and it’s colleges safe for women without any compromise.

Rudrani Kumari
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