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Delhi Vs Mumbai : A Never Ending Debate

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From Momos to Vada paavs, the Delhi Vs Mumbai debate has always been a hot topic between Delhiites and Mumbaikars.
Keeping a biased opinion aside, here are some listed points of comparison from my experience in Mumbai and Delhi-


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The most debated topic, from my experience I’d rather prefer Delhi Metro anyday. Mumbai Local can be good too but the rush hours are difficult to handle, trust me you don’t want to travel in a local at rush hours,especially on stations like Dadar and CSMT, waaayyy too crowded!

Local is Mumbai’s lifeline, although there’s metro too but it only provides connectivity in Andheri as of now.
Delhi Metro any damn day, phew!!

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When it comes to Autos, I have to give this one to Mumbai. The Auto waale bhaiyas in Delhi literally demand for more money and are quite persistent on it, but Mumbai, man! They go exactly by meters and do not even say no!

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Fun Fact: the meters in autos of mumbai start from 18 rs and in delhi they start from 25 rs. Mumbai is good for cheap conveyance.

So, now that the scores are 1-1, let’s see who wins!


Delhi has an upper hand on this one because of it’s wide roads and beautiful gardens in Lutyen’s Delhi. Mumbai too has good, wide roads especially the Bandra-Worli sea link road but delhi is one or two notches above that.


Hands down, it has to be Mumbai. No matter what the time is, that city is safer than Delhi ANYDAY. You don’t have to be worried about being out on streets after the sunset or anything.


When it comes to street shopping, Sarojini Nagar is hands down the winner!

Sarojini has a wide variety of things to offer and let’s not forget other markets like Janpath and palika bazaar too. Mumbai too has a small street market in Colaba but honestly Delhi is best for street shopping!

Want to find cheap export surplus and show off your bargaining skills? Sarojini Nagar is the best place for you!


Mumbai is the place where you can find glitziest and fanciest clubs and bars and also it’s the city that never sleeps, so when it comes to Night life, Mumbai has it all!


Delhi is the city of street food, from Momos to Paranthas in Chandni Chowk, Delhi is ruling in the world of street food. Although, Mumbai has it’s speciality of Vada Paavs and Paav Bhaji, Delhi still beats Mumbai when it comes to Food.


When it comes to Entertainment and Bollywood, Mumbai is obviously the winner here! For someone who aspires to do acting and theatre, Mumbai is literally the city of Dreams, it has it all from exposure to opportunities!

With this we’ve a tie now, with 4 points each for Team Mumbai and Team Delhi.

I guess, when it comes to both these metropolises, there is always going to be biased opinions from their natives about which one is better, but seeing from an outsider’s point of view, both the cities have their own perks and boons, so there’s no better of the two, both the cities are best in their own quirky ways.

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