Deshbandhu College Functioning Without A Principal For Over A Month Now

Deshbandhu College has been functioning without Principal for One and a half month. There has been an opening for the position of Principal in the college since 2017.
The college recommended a panel of three professors for the post to Principal.This also included the name of the temporary acting Principal (OSD).

However,the Committee responsible for the selection rejected all three name and according to DU rules,any professor who has been rejected by the panel can’t act as temporary Principal.

Following this,the OSD gave his resignation letter to the governing body which hasn’t accepted the resignation till now.

According to college professors, the OSD hasn’t been coming to college since he gave his resignation and everyone in the college including teachers,students and non teaching staff have some work or the other pending due to absence of the Principal.

The teachers have now requested the DU administration that there are enough well experienced teachers in the college who can work as a Principal either Permanent or Temporary.

There are a number of colleges functioning without a permanent Principal but this is a unique case where the college is functioning without the temporary Principal or as we call OSD in official terms.Lets hope the college gets a Principal soon and all administrative work takes place smoothly especially considering the admissions which are about to begin next month.


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