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How Different Students React To Their Results

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After a month of, “bhai, aaj aayega pakka,” finally the day arrives when DU releases our result. To add to the wait, the page takes almost forever to load and the circle seems to spin endlessly. With levels of anxiety hitting the roof, the verdict is revealed. Did you pass or did you fail? While some of us are worthy of the ‘hayye, mera beta’, others have to deal with the ‘sharam kar, naalayak’. Here’s how different people react to their results:

1. Aaj Khush To Bohot Hoge Tum


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There isn’t a greater happiness than scoring well when you only studied a day before the exam. However, it’s pretty hard to convince your best friend that you actually didn’t study and are just as surprised by the result.

2. Rishte Mein To Hum Topper Lagte Hain


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Ah, these are the people we hate but would love to be. They sit with a satisfied smirk in front of the computer screens showing their results. Basically, they epitomize the ‘aadarsh beta/beti’ that our parents talk about.

3. Back Se Darr Nahi Lagta, Sahab!


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On the other hand, are the ‘wildlings’. These are the artists, the actors, the thinkers, and the creators, who have chosen fields that value the individual over numbers. Their ambitions don‚Äôt need validation from a college degree and thus, failing a subject doesn‚Äôt frighten them.

4. Arre-O-Sambha! Kitne Marks Aaye?


Some people live to see themselves score more than their last boyfriend or that ex-best-friend. They are more interested in others’ results than their own. Within two minutes of checking up their result, they would be texting everyone else.

5. Kutte,Kameene,Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaoonga!


People sometimes score less than they had expected and then save face by blaming the examiner. Everything from the fairness to the mood of the examiner is questioned. Carry on kiddo, that won’t change your grade.

6. Kaun Kambakht Top Karne Ko Padhta Hai,Hum Toh Padhte Hai Iphone Ke Liye


Parents often promise kids the latest gadgets or a holiday trip, on passing. So, whether 50% or 80% these students couldn’t care less. Be happy with what you get, eh?

So, how was your result? Just remember that whatever it was, numbers never have and never will define you. If you failed a subject, it may seem like the end of the¬†world, but it isn’t! Don‚Äôt worry, DU is all about second chances, you can try again next year. Go out, celebrate yourself. You made it this far. Congratulations.

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