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Different Thoughts In A Freshers Mind : How To Cope With Them

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“One mind, a million thoughts.”

As the new session has already begun, freshers have started their journey of three years with immense zeal and excitement. Apparently, there are a million of thoughts taking place in a fresher’s mind. Whether it’s nostalgia of getting away from school or excitement of beginning a new life. There are variety of students and more variety in their thoughts. Some have a thought to stand out from others and win everyone’s heart while some just want to stay the way they are.

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In pursuance of a better understanding of dealing this, following are the most common thoughts every fresher has and how they should cope with them

 1. NOSTALGIA – This is something which always clenched us whenever we end an era and start a new phase of life which is pretty obvious in a fresher’s life. Being nostalgic is soothing but being over nostalgic is depressive as it holds a person in past and restricts one’s will to initiate a new phase.

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How to Cope-

  • Start getting involved in new activities which will keep you engaged and thus you’ll feel less nostalgic.
  • Make new friends, they are all on the same page. You’re all going to make new ecstatic memories.

2. HOW TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS – Well, this thought is yet the most common one as all the freshmen have it with a nervousness like “whether I’m going to make new friends or not”, “whether I’m impactful or not” , “what if they judge me with my appearance” , “what if I’m going to left isolated the whole three years” and more and more thoughts.

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How to Cope-

  • As I’ve mentioned above, that they are all on the same stage, everyone has the same consciousness like you. No one’s going to judge you.
  • Never afraid to make the first move. Go and talk to your classmates pleasantly. You won’t regret that.
  • Be firm and confident with what you’re wearing and behaving.
  • Have a friendly appearance with a smile, You will end up making a bunch of friends.

3. POPULARITY – All of you might have just expanded your eyeballs after reading this. Surely because who doesn’t want this. Especially, when you’re a fresher. Most of you even dreamt of becoming popular enough to be noticeable by everyone by getting influenced by the movies like “Student of the year” and “Kuch kuch hota hai”.

How to Cope/become popular :-

  • JOIN A SOCIETY. Yes, you read it right.
  • Societies not only helps you in polishing your skills, but also gives you name and fame (yeah, filmy) in college.

4. FRESHERS PARTY – Don’t know about you but this one’s is my favourite. I still remember that I couldn’t get this thought out of my mind until it happened. This is one of the most interesting thing about being a fresher as attending the freshers party is kinda dream for most of the students.

How could you even cope with it? Anyways:-

  • Generally, You just have to wait for like one and half months for the formal freshers.
  • But if you and you’re friends can’t wait then you must attend the informal one which keeps happening in the beginning month.
  • Also, this rises an another thought of what to wear in freshers, So just be trendy and rock the party with your slaying appearance.

5. CROWD/SENIORS – Most of us are always eager to know how would be the crowd of the college. Isn’t it? Some wants to know the intellect level of the seniors while some just wants to gain experience from them. And there comes the majority of freshers who hold the hope that they would find the one for their life.

How to cope-

  • Just interact with seniors and fellow students as much as you can.
  • The more person you will talk to, the more you will learn.
  • Interacting will clear out the confusions in your mind and you’ll feel more accepted in your college.

Not a million thoughts but this might have covered the most common ones in your mind.So, whatever it takes, don’t think too much and be the one who you really are.


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