Dilemma Between Internships And College Societies : What To Prioritize First?
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Majority of the students while pursuing their graduation degree often come across with the common dilemma of choosing between internships and college societies. As it’s the dawn of a new academic year a bunch of students do not know where exactly they should invest their time in. Lacking in advice and having an abundance of opportunities, these young buds end up investing their precious time and energy into something they did not wish to accomplish with their whole heart at the first go. There are a plethora of opportunities awaiting to be grabbed and pursued but the primary question is which opportunity is the most crucial out of all?

Our environment is brimming with an array of diverse opportunities and it’s nothing but a head scratcher when the question of ‘what to prioritize first’ occurs. To answer your question and solve the common dilemma between internships and college societies, here are a few points you must read before filling those application forms.

1. Internships are opportunities to seek experience and gather knowledge in the respective fields of your interest in different capacities be it content writing, photography, graphic designing, marketing among others. However, the college societies offer a safe and welcoming environment that is waiting to be filled up by talented minds. Societies are places to bring forward your views, ideas and knowledge blended with creativity and innovation. 

2. There is no such particular period to join an internship, you can join one after completing your college degree and you can also join one while pursuing one. However, the college societies can only be joined while you are in college, once you are done with your degree you cannot be a part of the college societies.

 3. College societies appreciate and welcome innovation and creativity. But most internships don’t guarantee any freedom of work.

4. College societies offer tours to different colleges, states and countries. By joining a college society you can also meet and interact with students from other colleges which is rarely a case with internships.

In my view, students should always choose college societies over internships. As you can always join internships even after completing your years in college but you won’t be getting the opportunity to be a part of a college society once your college years are over. Whenever stuck with the dilemma between internships and college societies consider the above points and prioritize your choices accordingly.



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