Disabled Friendly On Paper? Shorya Wanted To Meet South Campus Director But Guards Won’t Let Him Meet

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Nikita Mahamana
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Ramps and lifts,two essentials of the disabled can be found in DMRC then why are these missing in prestigious academic institutions? The following disheartening incident of October 23rd shows the lack of humanity and sense of irresponsibility towards disabled that happens in renowned academic spaces.

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Shorya Sood,an MA Political Science student is suffering from cerebral palsy and was wheelchair bound in childhood.He faces difficulty in attending lectures that are held in the University where his friends have to help him daily to climb 6-7 steps.As a serious issue he wished to shift his classes to ground floor so he wrote several mails to authorities for the same.However,every written request was unheard and he decided to meet the director of South Campus,Mr.J P khurana himself.

In compliance to RPWD act every college admitting impaired students has to execute various responsibilities towards them. Construction of ramps,lifts,provision of tactile tiles and channeling amples of resources that are part and parcel but to great dismay the institutions have failed to standby these brimful expectations that they boast about being Disable Friendly.In Shorya’s very own words meri manjil ki raah mein roda ban rahi pehli manjil (my way to destiny is obstructed by first floor )

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Security guards declined any meet up of students with the director and again Sood’s plea was left inaudible.

Well! With day after day increasing pain and inconvenience in life of disabled,will the institutions wake up and look around the existing soreness and respond to calls of Shorya or will they forever lie dormant and unconcerned? The warrior boy is fighting everyday for his right.

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