Friday, June 5, 2020

Distancing Ourselves From Mother Nature : Prioritizing Stressful Work Over Precious Health

Be it assignments, internals, exams, society work, internships, seminars, or workshops – college students undoubtedly are engaged in a lot of work. In today’s competitive world, excessive workload is not just limited to college students but school going students and working professionals are also overloaded with huge amount of work.

A very negative impact of this workaholic lifestyle everyone follows nowadays has been our degrading connection with nature which has severely impacted our health in countless ways. People, especially teenagers, avoid waking up early and going to park for doing any physical exercise mainly due to the fact that they sleep late at night and it becomes impossible for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Sitting in one place the entire day and being glued to technological devices affects our physical and mental health in ways one cannot even imagine. Children have now stopped playing outdoor games and prefer to sit inside their home all day and play virtually on their video game consoles.

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Not only this, but another crucial factor which is a catalyst for the rising number of diseases is the food which we consume, most of which is absolute factory made junk. People don’t even get the time to eat healthy and delicious home-made food properly and rely upon oily snacks, since they are easily available, to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

Distancing Ourselves from Mother Nature: Prioritizing Stressful Work Over Precious Health
Distancing Ourselves from Mother Nature: Prioritizing Stressful Work Over Precious Health

Our elders are very much concerned about the fact that the lifestyle that we follow and maintain leads to cancer, posture problems, diabetes, excessive weight gain, osteoporosis, and many other harmful diseases and health problems and therefore, always advise us to connect with nature in some way or the other. Unfortunately, their advice is always neglected.

The only point I want to emphasize on is the fact that health is something which cannot be purchased through money. What’s the point of working tirelessly continuously if ultimately your work itself cannot provide you a positive and peaceful state of mind, which is the most essential thing in life?

Distancing Ourselves from Mother Nature: Prioritizing Stressful Work Over Precious Health
Distancing Ourselves from Mother Nature: Prioritizing Stressful Work Over Precious Health

It is thus, very important to realize that we are the sole caretakers of our own body and should never neglect our physical and mental well being. Establishing and maintaining a healthy contact with Mother Nature should be the priority of everyone in today’s exhausting world.

Go out, walk barefoot on the grass, and observe the natural wonders present in your surroundings!

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Himanshi Munjal
Himanshi Munjal is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons.) English from Shaheed Bhagat Singh (M.) College, DU. Content writing and editing has always been her hobby and she is trying to further hone her skills through DUE. She also loves doing photography, watching wrestling, and playing musical instruments.

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